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New Experience OB/GYN

Anita Fulton, MD

OBGYN located in Spring, TX

As an expectant mother, you’re already excited about the life growing inside you. But there’s something about being able to see your baby that makes this process feel even more meaningful. At New Experience OB/GYN and Medspa, Anita Fulton, MD, offers patients ultrasounds from the comfort of her Spring, Texas, office. If you’re ready to see your baby, call her office or book your appointment online now.

Ultrasound Q & A

What is an ultrasound? How does it work?

As your pregnancy moves along, ultrasounds are tools Dr. Fulton uses to ensure your baby is growing healthily inside you. They give her — and you — a look at what’s going on inside your uterus. These images are an excellent resource to Dr. Fulton, giving her additional information to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

Ultrasounds work by bouncing a sound wave into your uterus. It reflects off your baby and, as it bounces back, the ultrasound technology captures that reflection as an image. New Experience OB/GYN and Medspa offers ultrasounds so you can get the best look at your growing baby and his or her features.

What should I expect during my ultrasound?

Don’t worry that you’ll need to head to a new, unknown location to have an ultrasound performed. Dr. Fulton offers this imaging technology from the comfort of her Spring, Texas, office. That means that at any routine prenatal appointment, she can use an ultrasound as needed to check in on your baby. It also means it’s easy for you to get the opportunity to see your little one grow throughout your pregnancy.

Ultrasounds are completely pain-free. The New Experience OB/GYN and Medspa team has over 15 years of experience in performing this type of imaging.

Your ultrasound is performed by a credentialed, certified technologist. Before the ultrasound starts, your technologist spreads a gel over your abdomen. This allows the ultrasound device to see more clearly into your skin and glide smoothly along it, preventing any air bubbles that could break up the imaging. During the ultrasound itself, you’ll relax as the technologist moves the ultrasound device over your belly.

Will I be able to take home a picture from my ultrasound?

Absolutely. In fact, Dr. Fulton uses Tricefy™ technology so she can give you not just one image, but an entire app that houses the images and videos from your ultrasound to ensure you get the clearest possible pictures of your baby.

If you’d like to get a look at your baby as he or she grows from the comfort of your routine prenatal appointments, call New Experience OB/GYN and Medspa or book your appointment online.