New Experience OB/GYN and MEDSPA offer a procedure that repair and reshape a woman’s vagina.

Vaginoplasty Procedure

Vaginoplasty is a form of surgery which is performed by Dr. Fulton to tighten or repair a woman’s vagina. Similar to Labialplasty, Dr. Fulton may suggest the Vaginoplasty to women whose skin or tissues around the vagina have stretched. The procedure to tighten the vagina can help with various symptom relief for women, but it can also be performed for cosmetic reasons. There are cases where women have undergone the Labialplasty and Vaginoplasty surgery at the same time, but consult New Experience OB/GYN and MEDSPA to discuss individual options and desired results.

Vaginoplasty Benefits

You will experience the benefits of cosmetic and reconstructive purposes with a Vaginoplasty operation. This surgery can help with rectal incontinence, and/or urinary incontinence, and also allow women to feel more comfortable with their partner, as well as themselves. When Dr. Fulton returns the vagina to its original shape and form, this can give women a more natural feeling they might have had prior to childbirth. Restoring the vagina’s structure will allow women to enjoy sexual activity.

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What to Expect

A Vaginoplasty performed by Dr. Fulton can improve a woman’s quality of life, functioning and self-esteem. During the procedure, Dr. Fulton can tighten the vagina, but also reshape it for added benefit. After the surgery, it is suggested that patients rest for the entire prescribed recovery period before returning to work.

Your Experience

New Experience OB/GYN and MEDSPA will work with patients before surgery to make sure they are comfortable with the procedure and prepared for any future arrangements during the minor recovery time. Our staff wants to introduce women to a comfortable lifestyle post-surgery. Pleasure with partners will no longer be an issue. Dr. Fulton will also keep up with patients after surgery to make sure there are no complications.