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Mommy Makeover/Body Shaping


Patients have been asking about body shaping and body contouring in our office and we are happy to provide new and exciting technology that is safe and effective at providing tightening and touch ups of feminine parts and skin tightening and toning in those problem areas which may be necessary after childbirth or for patients who are approaching or in menopause. We now have the Ultra Femme 360™ and the Exilis Ultra 360™.

Our new technology uses radio frequency and ultrasound to work these problem areas which is much safer than laser technology in touching up intimate parts and tightening and toning any body part. This technology also offers minor assistance with urinary incontinence (leaking urine) as well. The technology is performed in the office by one of our trained professionals. IT IS NOT A SURGICAL PROCEDURE. There are no incisions or cutting involved which means no downtime. The technology heats the problem area which promotes new collagen formation. The treatments can take anywhere from 12-30 minutes in the office and are either once weekly or once every 2 weeks for 3-4 treatments depending on the area and the severity of loose skin.

We are excited to offer body contouring transformations from head to toe for our post childbirth moms needing a mommy makeover or for our 50-and-over ladies that want touch ups to problems areas.

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