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Medically-Supervised Weight Loss


Obesity is a huge problem in the United States. Medical costs associated with obesity are estimated to be $315 Billion. Many co-morbidities such as heart disease and diabetes associated with obesity have led me to offer weight loss again in our clinic. I have had countless conversations with women over the years about wanting to lose weight but all that I could offer them was a referral back to their primary care physicians or expensive medications that were often not approved by insurance and could cost thousands of dollars.

The birth of our new HCG medically-supervised weight loss program was created out of necessity. I was tired of feeling helpless in the face of this issue that was affecting my patients in a dramatic way. Our program is 40 days and on average, patient’s lose 1/2 pound per day estimating a 30 pound weight loss over the course of the program. If more weight loss is desired, the program can be repeated.

Our program is different from others in that we offer a detailed history, physical exam, and a body assessment with initial labs to ensure that you are healthy enough to start the program. From there, you will receive a patient education packet which includes our: patient guidebook, a cookbook with healthy recipes, a food journal, a program tips sheet, and a shopping list and calorie counter. Vitamin B-12 and fat burning injections are given every 2 weeks in the program to assist with weight loss. Also included are weekly checkups, patient support, and 6 weeks maintenance support. We want you to keep the weight off and studies show that if you maintain your new weight for 90 days, the body resets itself to the new weight making it difficult to gain above this new body weight after 90 days. That’s why the 6 week maintenance support is so important and we’ve included this in our program.

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