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Board Certified Gynecologist

New Experience OB/GYN and MEDSPA understand the complexity and importance of a woman’s health and reproductive system. Our gynecological services are available whenever one may need to see a board certified OB/GYN or on a yearly basis for a well-woman examination. Dr. Fulton is a board certified gynecologist and fully trained to recognize, diagnose and treat diseases which effect women and their reproductive systems while caring for one’s overall health.

Well-Woman Exam

A well-woman examination performed by New Experience OB/GYN and MEDSPA is a helpful look at what women need to ensure female health and well-being. Dr. Fulton has been caring for women for 15 years, and each patient receives her complete knowledge and compassion. Any issues or problems which may be recognized during a well-woman exam are further treated by our highly-qualified equipment and staff. Our practice serves patients through a state-of-the-art facility and care.

Birth Control

New Experience OB/GYN and MEDSPA cares for women during all phases of life. Birth control is an option for women who may not be ready for an unexpected pregnancy or family planning. Birth control allows women to have more regulation over the body and reproductive system. Dr. Fulton educates patients about various forms of birth control and which option is best, depending on individual lifestyle and health. Dr. Fulton will work with each patient to determine what is the best option for each situation.

Your Experience

When it comes to birth control and surgeries related to female functioning and organs, New Experience OB/GYN and MEDSPA cares for patients through innovative gynecological treatment. Dr. Fulton has worked with women of all ages. Whether it is a first-time appointment, a yearly checkup or point of concern, New Experience OB/GYN and MEDSPA cares for patients and makes each feel welcomed and safe while receiving exceptional OB/GYN care.


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