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Birth Control


Birth control is the use of various methods which aid women in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies. New Experience OB/GYN and MEDSPA can provide the right tools to assist in pregnancy planning according to lifestyle, health and other factors. Patients who are interested can schedule an appointment with Dr. Fulton to obtain more information or ask questions about the various options available. There are many details when discussing birth control, so schedule a consultation with New Experience OB/GYN and MEDSPA today.



New Experience OB/GYN and MEDSPA understand birth control is used to help women prevent unwanted pregnancies, but it also is prescribed for other uses and treatments. It has been linked to benefits relating to clearer skin, less PMS pain and symptoms, regulated menstrual cycles, and lighter periods. If you are experiencing pain or a specific issue with your reproductive system, Dr. Fulton may suggest birth control as an option to help.  Women who have irregular cycles, painful PMS or a heavy flow each month may greatly benefit from the services provided by New Experience OB/GYN and MEDSPA.

Your Options

New Experience OB/GYN and MEDSPA can prescribe the form of birth control that is best to treat each patient. Some forms which may be an option and discussed during a well-woman examination or consultation include:

  • Diaphragm
  • Intrauterine Devices (IUD)
  • Oral Contraceptives
  • Depo-Provera
  • NuvaRing®

Best Option for You

New Experience OB/GYN and MEDSPA cares for women before, during and after pregnancy. When a woman is ready, pregnancy planning can begin; but until then, birth control is an option for women who are looking to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Dr. Fulton educates patients about the various forms of birth control and which option is the best option. One form may be better suited for an individual over another, and Dr. Fulton will work to find what is best for each patient’s lifestyle and health.

Your Experience

Birth control is associated with many benefits for women, but there are many details that go along with this topic. New Experience OB/GYN and MEDSPA can transform pain and frustrations into healthy living which can help in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies. Feel confident in receiving highly-qualified treatment from a board-certified OB/GYN. New Experience OB/GYN and MEDSPA will provide an informative, beneficial and welcoming experience for any and all patient needs.


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